Privacy Policy

KrayVkray: Privacy Policy

Following will constitute the Privacy Policy for use of KrayVkray App,a unit of S S Ventures:

Data We Collect

During signup/login, you may opt-in to provide us following data:
Your name,
E-mail address,
Mobile number,
Your mobile number will be validated through SMS verification. This is free of charge. Additionally, During purchase of paid plans, we may collect your credit/debit card details. You need to provide images, videos or both during posting ads for your products/services. We may also collect your chat and location data.

How we use your data

We will use your data for improving our product/app/platform and streamlining user experience. We may also analyse your data for studying user trends and behaviour.

Data Sharing

Your data may be shared with third party, if situation so arises. We will share your data with Government Authorities, if required for fulfilling Government rules and regulations and if asked by Government Authorities.

Data deletion

You may delete your account with us and request for deletion of your data, provided it doesn't obstruct any ongoing work or violates Government rules and regulations.

Cookies and similar technologies

We use cookies and/or similar technologies and by using KrayVkray App, you consent to their use.

Links to Payment Gateways and Third-party Sites

KrayVkray app contains links to Payment Gateways and Third-party Sites. You will need to visit and go through their terms and conditions and Privacy policy.

*Please note that we will be updating this privacy policy with time as per advancements in technology and our app i.e. KrayVkray App.