How to Sell Your Used Cars or Bikes Online on the online platform in India

Sell Secondhand Cars or bikes on online platform in India

Selling a Used Cars or Bikes offline is complex task. You must reach out to seller, get checked your cars, wait for days for call back, this process takes more time. But with the online is the best way now-a-days. You can sell used cars or bikes in online platform. This blog is help you to get idea about how to sell used cars at ease. Many online platforms are completly free. They help you get buyers for your cars and bikes. Both buyers and seller can communicate with each other and close the deal.

how to sell old cars or bikes online in India

Where to Sell your used cars or bikes?

You should sell your used cars or bikes on trusted online platform like KrayVkray. They provide many types of models to select from and adding value. KrayVkray also provide 100% potential buyers along with dealing with other issue. And Your data will secure in our KrayVkray apps.

Valuate The Price of Your Cars Or Bikes:

The first step is checking your current valuation of your cars which is worth in the market. Using valuation tools, you can find the amount and note the online valuation price. Because it will differ from the actual valuation price which is based on your working condition of cars or bikes.

Take care of your cars or bikes before selling it:

1. Get your car serviced and cleaned - Remove all personal things belonging from the car or bike, get scratches repaired. Make sure that your car's interior are clean and free from blemishes.

2. Gather all the papers of the car and make a copy of them - You should have a service record of the car and make sure to include it with all documents like warranty cards, PUC certificates, etc.

3. Park your car in a clutter area and take ten or fifteen photographs of the car - Take good photograph of your cars with different angles. Make sure that the photographs are in focus, sharp and clean of your car or bike.

Setting for Advertisement :

You must register yourself as a seller in our KrayVkray app. After registration, you can access page and create your ads. You will be requested to enter basic information regarding your cars. Once you are done, your ad is ready.

After You Sell Car :

1. Inform the RTO

2. Inform the Insurance Company

3. Ask for the Updated RC from the buyers

KrayVkray is an online marketplace for everyone to sell their second-hand cars, bikes and vehicle online in India. Download our App from Google Play Store and for more information visit our site -