How to sell used furniture online in India

Sell used Furniture Online in India

There are many ways to sell and buy furniture online today. you can manage your furniture listing easily and sell from anywhere. All options allow you to upload photos and good descriptions that make finalize your listing. We have an app for you to sell your used furniture online in India. KrayVkray is free from any fraud because of its cross-checking as well as monitoring activities of users with the support of our team.

how to sell used furniture online in india

How to Ensure your furniture sells online

Once you have found an online marketplace where you can sell your used furniture online. After that, it's time to make sure your listings present your items with good photos and well-written descriptions to help them sell faster

Click Good Photos:

If you want to sell your used furniture quickly. It should look good and clean. To get the best photos for your furniture sale. For a better view of how the furniture would fit in the buyer's home, especially how much space it takes up. It is also necessary that make sure you have good photos from multiple angles. Showing the furniture from the front, sides, and back with detail shots included helps buyers see all aspects of the furniture.

Show everything that's included:

selling a dining set, chairs, tables, or sofa set? Make sure the correct pieces are shown in your photos. Don't confuse buyers by showing them the full set of furniture. Write a clear description of what's being sold. When buyers are searching by keywords and looking for good photos, so make sure your photo clearly displays what's for sale.

Write an effective description:

Keep it simple when you write a description for your used furniture sale listing. You don't need a details long description. Just cover the basics like

1. the brand of the item

2. the year you bought the furniture

3. the price when you bought

4. any pets were allowed on it

If you are honest and describe your offer, people may feel more inclined to purchase it online. if they ask any questions, don't hesitate to answer them.

Set the best price:

Before selling your used furniture, you know how much it cost. You need to know the actual new and old prices of your brand. Don't overprice your items and don't undervalue items just to get them off. Look around other marketplace apps or websites to see same items have been priced.

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